Kia Stinger and K900 Recall: Addressing the Fiery Issue

Mobeen Akhtar
By Mobeen Akhtar
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Kia Stinger and K900 Recall: Addressing the Fiery Issue

Attention, Kia Stinger and K900 owners! Your beloved rides might be harboring a potential fire hazard, and Kia is taking action. In a recent recall, the automaker has identified a defect that could lead to engine compartment fires, affecting a staggering 36,248 vehicles.


At the heart of this fiery issue lies the turbocharged 3.3-liter Smartstream gasoline direct injection V6 engine found in certain 2018-2022 Stingers and 2019-2020 K900 sedans. The problem? A pesky turbocharger oil feed pipe and hose assembly that just can’t handle the heat – literally.


Here’s the deal: over time, this particular assembly can deteriorate due to exposure to the exhaust manifold’s radiant heat. And when that happens, oil leaks become a real possibility, increasing the risk of an engine compartment fire while you’re cruising down the road.


But don’t worry, your trusty Kia won’t leave you in the dark. Keep an eye out for telltale signs like oil leaks, a burning smell, white smoke billowing from the engine compartment, or that dreaded engine oil pressure warning light. Trust us, you don’t want to ignore these red flags.


Now, here’s the good news: Kia isn’t taking this issue lightly. They’ve already identified 25 cases related to this defect in North America, with one unfortunate incident involving localized melting due to an engine compartment fire. But don’t panic – no injuries or crashes have been reported (phew!).

So, what’s the solution? Simple: affected owners need to pay their friendly neighborhood Kia dealer a visit. The team will replace the defective turbocharger oil feed pipe and hose assembly with an improved version, free of charge. And if you’ve already taken care of this issue yourself, Kia’s got your back with a reimbursement program.


Here’s the kicker: the replacement part is made of a different material that’s less prone to deterioration. Say goodbye to that heat-sensitive assembly and hello to worry-free driving!


While this recall might seem like déjà vu for Stinger owners (the performance sedan has faced fire-related recalls before), it’s a testament to Kia’s commitment to keeping their vehicles safe and their customers happy.

So, if you’re rocking a Stinger or K900 from the affected model years, don’t hesitate to get your ride checked out. After all, a little preventative maintenance is worth it to keep those fiery issues at bay.

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