Stellantis Sparks Electric Potential, Contemplating Leapmotor EV Production in North America

Mudassir Ali
By Mudassir Ali
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Stellantis Sparks Electric Potential, Contemplating Leapmotor EV Production in North America

The global automotive giant, is considering a significant move that could shape the future of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing. In a recent roundtable interview with media outlets, CEO Carlos Tavares hinted at the possibility of building Leapmotor EVs, a Chinese brand in which Stellantis holds a 21 percent stake, in North America. While no concrete plans have been revealed, Tavares’s statements shed light on the company’s strategic considerations.

Footprint in EV Market

Leapmotor, recognized for its innovative electric sedan, SUV, and hatchback models, has emerged as a key player in the EV market. Stellantis’s partnership with Leapmotor not only strengthens its presence in the electric vehicle segment but also serves as a benchmarking opportunity to enhance its own EV offerings. Tavares emphasized that Leapmotor’s cost competitiveness is comparable to Stellantis’s small-car-platform-based products, boasting a 30 percent cost-competitive edge over rivals in Europe and North America.


While Stellantis has not confirmed specific plans for producing Leapmotor vehicles in North America, Tavares’s remarks hint at a willingness to adapt to evolving market conditions. With governments potentially imposing restrictions on exports from China, Stellantis sees an opportunity to utilize its existing manufacturing infrastructure to meet demand for Leapmotor cars locally. This strategic flexibility aligns with Stellantis’s commitment to staying agile in a rapidly evolving automotive landscape.


While speculation abounds regarding the integration of Leapmotor models into Stellantis’s existing brand lineups, particularly Chrysler and Dodge, nothing has been confirmed. However, the potential synergy between Leapmotor’s innovative EVs and Stellantis’s established brands presents exciting possibilities for future offerings. Whether Leapmotor models enter the U.S. market or not, the insights gained from benchmarking could significantly influence the development of Stellantis’s own EV lineup.


Stellantis’s contemplation of producing Leapmotor EVs in North America reflects its proactive approach to navigating market dynamics and capitalizing on strategic opportunities. While uncertainties remain, the company’s willingness to explore new avenues underscores its commitment to innovation and adaptation in the ever-evolving automotive industry landscape.

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