Pick Up the Rarity: Volvo 480 GT Finds Its Way to Bring a Trailer

Mudassir Ali
By Mudassir Ali
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Pick Up the Rarity: Volvo 480 GT Finds Its Way to Bring a Trailer

Buckle up, car enthusiasts! A piece of automotive history has surfaced on Bring a Trailer, and it’s none other than the elusive Euro-market Volvo 480 GT. Originating from the U.K. but now residing in New York, this distinctive wedge-shaped beauty is currently up for grabs in an online auction until March 12.

Departure from Tradition

Dive into the past and explore the groundbreaking Volvo 480, a revolutionary departure from the automaker’s traditional design and engineering ethos. Serving as Volvo’s first foray into front-wheel-drive territory, the 480 marked the dawn of a new era for the Swedish brand, both in terms of style and substance.

Opportunity in U.S

Originally intended for the American market, the Volvo 480 faced an unfortunate setback due to unfavorable exchange rates in the late 1980s. Despite its innovative features and futuristic design, economic challenges prevented its stateside debut, relegating it to a European audience for decades.

Embracing Rarity

Step into the realm of exclusivity with the Volvo 480 GT, a limited-edition model that epitomizes sophistication and performance. With only 250 units produced for the U.K. market, and fewer than 100 known to exist today, this rare gem commands attention and admiration wherever it goes.

Design Innovations

Delve beneath the surface and uncover the engineering prowess of the Volvo 480. Boasting a potent turbocharged engine, meticulously crafted by Renault with additional tuning by Porsche, this agile coupe delivers a spirited driving experience like no other. Coupled with its sleek exterior and avant-garde interior, courtesy of renowned Dutch designer John de Vries, the 480 stands as a testament to Volvo’s commitment to innovation and excellence.


While the Volvo 480 may have faded into obscurity over the years, its timeless design and unparalleled charm continue to captivate enthusiasts worldwide. With its recent importation to the United States, this rare specimen offers a rare opportunity to own a piece of automotive history. Don’t miss your chance to bid on this iconic Volvo; the auction ends on March 12!

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