America Ferrera Surprised by ‘Barbie’ Oscar Nomination

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America Ferrera Surprised by ‘Barbie’ Oscar Nomination

In a twist of fate, America Ferrera finds herself in the spotlight with a surprising Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the acclaimed “Barbie” movie. While the nominations stirred some debates, Ferrera’s unexpected recognition stands out as a moment to cherish.

Ferrera’s Grateful Reaction

Expressing her astonishment and gratitude, Ferrera released a statement to CNN, sharing, “I’m stunned and so moved to be nominated among the brilliant artists who have done beautiful and important work this year.” Her unexpected nod is a testament to her impactful performance in “Barbie.”

Diversity in the Spotlight

As a proud advocate for diversity, Ferrera emphasizes the significance of Latiné representation at the Academy Awards. Born to Honduran immigrant parents in the U.S., Ferrera joins Da’Vine Joy Randolph and Danielle Brooks as people of color nominated in the supporting actress category. The acknowledgment reflects a positive shift towards inclusivity.

Ferrera’s Empowering Message in “Barbie”

Ferrera’s character, Gloria, delivered a powerful feminist monologue in “Barbie,” addressing the relatable challenges women face. The recognition underscores the impact of her message, resonating not only with the film’s vast audience but also within the industry.

Celebrating Achievements

Ferrera expresses her joy in celebrating the achievements of her “Barbie” family. She applauds the historic milestones achieved by director Greta Gerwig and producer/star Margot Robbie, noting that their impact will be felt for generations. Despite the film’s massive success, she appreciates the cultural and industry contributions made by the entire team.


As America Ferrera takes the unexpected journey to the Oscars, her nomination for “Barbie” signifies a triumph for diversity and a recognition of the film’s cultural impact. In a year marked by outstanding performances, Ferrera’s nod adds a touch of surprise and joy to the prestigious event.


Why was America Ferrera surprised by her Oscar nomination?

Ferrera was surprised and moved by the unexpected recognition among brilliant artists.

What category is America Ferrera nominated for in the Oscars?

Ferrera received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Barbie.”

Who are the other people of color nominated in the supporting actress category?

Da’Vine Joy Randolph for “The Holdovers” and Danielle Brooks for “The Color Purple.”

What empowering message did Ferrera deliver in “Barbie”?

Ferrera’s character, Gloria, gave an impassioned feminist pep talk about the conflicting expectations of being a woman.

Which categories did Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie receive nominations for?

Gerwig for Best Adapted Screenplay and Robbie as a producer in the Best Picture category.

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