‘Baywatch’ Star Nicole Eggert Faces Tough Battle: Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

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'Baywatch' Star Nicole Eggert Faces Tough Battle: Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

In a heartfelt revelation, ‘Baywatch’ star Nicole Eggert shares her challenging journey after being diagnosed with stage 2 cribriform carcinoma breast cancer. The 51-year-old actress opened up to People Magazine about the unexpected discovery and the hurdles she faced before receiving the concerning diagnosis.

Startling Revelation

Nicole Eggert, known for her roles in iconic TV shows like ‘Baywatch’ and ‘Charles In Charge,’ disclosed her health battle. The diagnosis came after experiencing “terrible pain” in her left breast and discovering a lump during a self-exam. After gaining 51 pounds in three months, she initially attributed the symptoms to menopause, but the persistent pain led her to seek medical advice.

Challenges in Diagnosis

Despite the urgency, Nicole struggled to secure an immediate appointment due to a fully booked schedule. Eventually, in late November, she underwent diagnostic mammography and three biopsies, all confirming her worst fears—breast cancer.

Facing the Unknown

The journey ahead is uncertain for Nicole as she awaits guidance from her oncologist regarding the commencement of chemotherapy and radiation. The brave actress admitted to moments of panic, expressing the overwhelming desire to rid her body of the growing threat.

A Plea for Support

In the midst of this difficult time, a friend initiated a GoFundMe page to aid in funding Nicole’s treatment, emphasizing the financial challenges since her television stints. The outpouring of support echoes the sentiment that extends beyond her roles in ‘Charles In Charge’ and ‘Baywatch.’

The Personal Struggle

Nicole, a mother of two daughters, Keegan and Dilyn, grapples with the uncertainty of whether the cancer has spread to other parts of her body. Her candid admission about the anxiety and urgency to eliminate the invasive presence resonates with those facing similar health battles.

A Resilient Spirit

Nicole Eggert’s journey is marked by resilience and a candid sharing of the challenges she faces. As she prepares for the tough road ahead, the support from friends, fans, and well-wishers becomes a crucial pillar in her fight against breast cancer.


What type of breast cancer has Nicole Eggert been diagnosed with?

Nicole is diagnosed with stage 2 cribriform carcinoma breast cancer.

How did Nicole discover her breast cancer symptoms?

She experienced “terrible pain” and found a lump during a self-exam.

Why did Nicole have difficulty getting an immediate appointment?

The schedule was fully booked, leading to a delay in seeking medical attention.

What initiated the GoFundMe page for Nicole Eggert?

The page aims to support her treatment, acknowledging financial challenges post her TV roles.

How many daughters does Nicole Eggert have?

Nicole has two daughters, Keegan (12) and Dilyn (25).

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