HyunA Dating Former Highlight Member Junhyung Post Dawn Break-Up

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HyunA Dating Former Highlight Member Junhyung Post Dawn Break-Up

K-pop sensation HyunA has set the internet ablaze with a surprising revelation on her Instagram, hinting at a romantic involvement with former Highlight member Junhyung. The duo sparked dating speculations through posts that seemed to scream “lovestagram,” adding a fresh layer to the ongoing rumors surrounding HyunA and her ex-partner, Dawn. The renowned K-pop couple officially parted ways in November 2022 after nearly six years of togetherness.

HyunA’s Confirmation

In a bold move, HyunA shared a captivating photo on her Instagram, adorned with a ‘lovey-dovey’ emoticon, confirming her newfound relationship and tagging Yong Junhyung. Adding to the intrigue, Junhyung mirrored the gesture by posting the same picture on his Instagram, portraying the duo strolling hand in hand along a picturesque beach.

Agency Responses

Amidst a flurry of questions and speculations regarding the authenticity of their relationship, Yong Jun Hyung’s agency, BLACK MADE, responded to Star News, hinting that they are investigating the matter. The agency, founded by Junhyung in 2022, expressed the difficulty of confirming personal matters. On the other side, HyunA’s agency, AT AREA, distanced themselves from the dating rumors, asserting their non-involvement in the artist’s personal life.

Journey through Time

Reflecting on their shared history, HyunA’s journey started in 2008 when she left JYP Entertainment, joining Cube Entertainment and debuting with 4MINUTE. In a parallel narrative, a 19-year-old Yong Jun Hyung marked his debut with CUBE in the boy group BEAST.

The roots of their friendship date back to these early days, deepening as HyunA embarked on her solo career. Frequent flirty performances at concerts and joint appearances on shows like Happy Together have sustained their close bond over the years.

From Friends to More

While their dating announcement may have caught many by surprise, K-netizens, familiar with their enduring friendship, seem to embrace the transition from best friends to a romantic couple. The duo’s history of playful performances and genuine camaraderie on public platforms has created a narrative that resonates with fans.


Are HyunA and Junhyung officially dating?

Yes, both artists confirmed their relationship through Instagram posts.

How did fans react to the dating announcement?

Fans, aware of their long-standing friendship, mostly embraced the news positively.

What did Junhyung’s agency say about the dating rumors?

BLACK MADE, Junhyung’s agency, mentioned they are investigating but find it challenging to confirm personal matters.

Did HyunA’s agency address the dating speculations?

AT AREA, HyunA’s agency, distanced themselves from the rumors, stating non-involvement in the artist’s personal life.

What is the history between HyunA and Junhyung?

Their friendship dates back to their early days in the industry, marked by joint appearances, flirty performances, and a shared journey from group debuts to solo careers.

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