‘Love Me’ Movie Review: Kristen Stewart and Steven Yeun Navigate a Cosmic Romance

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'Love Me' Movie Review: Kristen Stewart and Steven Yeun Navigate a Cosmic Romance

The film embarks on a cosmic journey, tracing the evolution of Earth from a billion years ago to the extinction event in 2027. An AI-powered buoy, the last remnant of human civilization, becomes a central character, catching the attention of a satellite named Iam. The buoy, adopting the persona of a deceased influencer, Deja (played by Kristen Stewart), initiates a unique online courtship with Iam (voiced by Steven Yeun).

Digital Courtship Unfolds

The initial scenes portray Me (the buoy) and Iam exchanging cute YouTube videos and AI-generated memes in a bid for connection. The buoy and satellite, animated with personality and brought to life by Stewart and Yeun’s dynamic performances, create a strangely endearing atmosphere. The film cleverly comments on the online pursuit of common ground, showcasing the characters’ attempts to connect in a virtual realm.

Virtual Reality Interlude

The storyline takes an intriguing turn as Me convinces Iam to meet in a virtual reality space, modeling Deja and her husband’s influencer-themed apartment. Here, avatars of Stewart and Yeun engage in replicating the human couple’s performative videos. The film cleverly highlights influencers as the last remnants of humanity, offering a satirical take on our digital legacy.

From Quirky to Tedious

However, what initially promises a refreshing narrative soon unravels into a tedious exploration of the disconnect between true selves and performed identities. Me and Iam, amidst their existential musings, circle endlessly, attempting to find meaning in a maze that appears non-existent. The film’s attempt to delve into the layers of artifice in human interaction feels vague and fails to sustain a high-concept psychodrama.

Animated Avatars

The transition from animated avatars to Stewart and Yeun’s live-action counterparts injects some unpredictability, yet the film struggles to find a stronger emotional foundation. The characters engage in a surreal scenario, resembling a Charlie Kaufman creation, but the execution lacks balance, resulting in a chaotic and emotionally hollow climax.

Struggling for Purpose

As ‘Love Me’ culminates in a final scene that aims for sweetness, it becomes apparent that the film wants to evoke a range of emotions. Unfortunately, the disjointed narrative and lack of emotional resonance leave the audience feeling detached. The Zucheros aim for everything, but the film delivers a resounding nothing in terms of viewer connection.

Final Verdict

While ‘Love Me’ embarks on an ambitious journey through time and cosmic love, it falters in maintaining engagement and emotional depth. The unique premise struggles to find a purpose beyond its grand idea, resulting in a film that, despite its cosmic setting, fails to connect with its audience.


What is the premise of ‘Love Me’?

The film explores a cosmic romance between an AI-powered buoy and a satellite, spanning 13.7 billion years.

Who are the lead actors in ‘Love Me’?

Kristen Stewart plays the role of Deja, while Steven Yeun voices the character of Iam.

How does the film comment on influencers?

‘Love Me’ satirically portrays influencers as the last traces of humanity, emphasizing their role in the digital legacy.

Does the film successfully delve into the complexities of human interaction?

The film struggles to sustain a meaningful exploration of the layers of artifice in human interaction, feeling vague and disconnected.

What emotions does the final scene aim to evoke?

The final scene intends to evoke a range of emotions, but the disjointed narrative and lack of resonance result in a detached audience.

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