‘Origin’ is the most important film you’ll see In 2024

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‘Origin’ is the most important film you’ll see In 2024

Months after its debut at the Venice Film Festival, “Origin” is making waves nationwide, emerging as a groundbreaking project by the talented Ava DuVernay, who serves as the writer, director, and executive producer. In a cinematic landscape filled with varied offerings, “Origin” stands out as the most important film you’ll experience this year.

Multifaceted Triumph

The film stars Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor as Pulitzer Prize-winning author Isabel Wilkerson, whose seminal work, “Caste: The Origin of Our Discontents,” serves as the inspiration for DuVernay’s masterful creation. DuVernay skillfully navigates genres, creating a cinematic experience that defies categorization.

Complexity with Grace

Wilkerson’s investigative journalism, exploring the interconnectedness of human subjugation throughout history, is monumental. From the Holocaust to the Transatlantic slave trade, from Jim Crow to Trayvon Martin’s tragic death, the film delves into the challenging subject matter with a moving and relatable narrative.

Love and Grief

Amidst the daunting exploration of hatred and subjugation, “Origin” uniquely uncovers the universal threads that bind humanity: love and grief. These two elemental forces, transcending time and place, connect us all on a profound level. The film beautifully captures the transformative impact of love and grief on the human experience.

Power of Connection

In a world rife with divisions, the film highlights how connection poses a threat to systems that thrive on division. It prompts reflection on the value placed on different lives based on race, religion, nationality, or gender. “Origin” compellingly reveals the common root that underlies discrimination and oppression.

History Revisited

As Wilkerson embarks on a global quest for answers, the film presents snapshots of history, drawing parallels across time and space. From the Trayvon Martin incident to the horrors of slavery and the Holocaust, the film weaves together moments that mirror the human condition, urging viewers to confront uncomfortable truths.

Pertinence to the Present

With a crucial election looming and global uncertainties, the themes explored in “Origin” are not just relevant but urgently necessary. The film prompts contemplation on individual roles within systems of oppression and encourages a collective awakening to bring about meaningful change.

Call for Dialogue and Action

“Origin” challenges us to consider how this newfound awareness can reshape our interactions and propel us toward a more united world. In an era marked by division, the film serves as a catalyst for conversations, urging audiences to recognize the undeniable connections that bind us all.


In the face of a fractured world, “Origin” invites us to ponder how art, like this cinematic masterpiece, can inspire transformative conversations. Regardless of who or what has contributed to the challenges we face, the film asserts that we all share this world and must collectively navigate its complexities.

“Origin” is not just a film; it’s a call to action. It beckons us to confront uncomfortable truths, engage in meaningful dialogue, and strive for a world where unity triumphs over division.


Who stars in the film “Origin”?

Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor takes on the lead role, portraying Pulitzer Prize-winning author Isabel Wilkerson.

What inspired Ava DuVernay to create “Origin”?

The film is inspired by Isabel Wilkerson’s book, “Caste: The Origin of Our Discontents.”

What themes does “Origin” explore?

The film delves into the interconnected themes of love, grief, and the common roots of discrimination and oppression.

Is “Origin” currently in theaters?

Yes, “Origin” is now showing in select theaters.

Why is “Origin” considered the most important film of the year?

The film’s exploration of universal themes, urgent relevance, and call for dialogue set it apart as a cinematic triumph.

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