Selena Gomez Shines at Rare Beauty Event

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Selena Gomez Shines at Rare Beauty Event

On January 10, Selena Gomez graced the Rare Beauty event, a jubilant gathering celebrating the launch of the brand’s new Find Comfort Body Collection. Dressed in an ethereal all-white ensemble, Gomez exuded elegance and sophistication throughout the event.

Fashion Highlights

Gomez’s attire comprised a chic suit from Giuseppe Di Morabito’s spring 2024 collection, complemented by silver Black Suede Studio strappy heeled sandals. Adding a touch of glamour, she adorned herself with the Jaala Nano Rhinestone Clutch by Cult Gaia and the Gaia wool-blend coat from The Frankie Shop. The pièce de résistance was a white lace corset top, a steal at just $70 from Victoria’s Secret.

Dazzling Accessories

To elevate her ensemble, Gomez donned a stunning $16,655 14K white gold diamond tennis necklace from Effy Jewelry, adding a luxurious sparkle to her overall look.

A Star-Studded Role

Coinciding with the event, Gomez’s exciting new venture was revealed—she will be portraying the legendary Linda Ronstadt in an upcoming biopic. The actress subtly hinted at the role through Instagram posts, sharing moments of reading Ronstadt’s memoir, Simple Dreams. Rolling Stone later confirmed Gomez’s casting, unveiling her connection to the highly anticipated project.

Linda Ronstadt Biopic

Linda Ronstadt, a powerhouse in rock, country, and Latin music, has left an indelible mark with hits like “You’re No Good” and “I’m Still in Love with You.” The biopic, currently in pre-production, is co-produced by Ronstadt’s manager, John Boylan, and James Keach. While additional casting details and the release date are pending, Gomez’s involvement promises an extraordinary portrayal of the music icon.


What was Selena Gomez celebrating on January 10?

Gomez hosted an event for her beauty brand, Rare Beauty, unveiling the Find Comfort Body Collection.

Where can you get Gomez’s stylish corset top, and what’s its price?

The corset top is from Victoria’s Secret, priced at an affordable $70.

Tell us about Selena Gomez’s diamond necklace at the event.

Gomez adorned a $16,655 14K white gold diamond tennis necklace from Effy Jewelry.

What role will Selena Gomez play in an upcoming biopic?

Gomez will portray Linda Ronstadt, a legendary figure in rock, country, and Latin music.

What are some of Linda Ronstadt’s famous songs?

Ronstadt’s notable songs include “You’re No Good” and “I’m Still in Love with You.”

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