Sofia Vergara’s Candid Revelation on Her Divorce from Joe Manganiello

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Sofia Vergara's Candid Revelation on Her Divorce from Joe Manganiello

Sofia Vergara, the Colombian icon, recently shed light on her divorce from Joe Manganiello, addressing the public’s curiosity and the unexpected media buzz surrounding their split. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Sofia expressed her foresight into the challenges in her relationship, stating, “I knew it was gonna happen. You can’t hide those things.”

Media Response

Contrary to expectations, Sofia Vergara found the media’s reaction to be unexpectedly respectful. Despite anticipating the media to create narratives, she revealed, “I was surprised, and, you know, they, they kind of just said what it was and, and that was it.” Sofia acknowledged the support and understanding shown by the press, highlighting the surprisingly positive nature of the coverage.

Post-Divorce Excitement

With 7 years of marriage behind her, Sofia Vergara is enthusiastically embracing the next chapter of her life. Expressing her positive outlook, she shared, “You know, I’ve been moving on.” The Hollywood star is currently engaged in promoting her upcoming Netflix series ‘Griselda’ and reveling in the success of her skincare brand ‘Toty.’

Love and Laughter

Amidst her professional endeavors, Sofia Vergara hasn’t shied away from embracing new romantic possibilities. Spotted on romantic dates and enjoying the support of family and friends, she is actively crafting a fresh episode of her life. A close source revealed to People that Sofia is “enjoying life” post-divorce, radiating positivity and energy.


Why did Sofia Vergara anticipate her divorce from Joe Manganiello?

Sofia sensed the challenges in their relationship, leading to her anticipation of the divorce.

How did Sofia describe the media’s response to her divorce?

Contrary to expectations, Sofia found the press to be respectful and surprisingly positive.

What is Sofia Vergara currently promoting?

Sofia is promoting her upcoming Netflix series ‘Griselda’ and celebrating the success of her skincare brand ‘Toty.’

Is Sofia optimistic about the future after her divorce?

Yes, Sofia expressed her optimism and shared that she’s been “moving on.”

How is Sofia Vergara handling life post-divorce, according to a close source?

Sofia is “enjoying life” and handling the divorce well, radiating positivity and energy.

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