Adele Is Working Out 'Three Times For Weight Loss

By: Mobin

Adele shared she's adopted an intense fitness plan, working out 2-3 times a day to maintain her weight after losing 44kg.


Her new routine consists of strict diet and exercise 6 days a week, allowing a cheat day on Sundays for her favorite takeout and wine.


She aims to keep her derrière "rock solid" and quipped that she "can move mountains" with her bottom from all the training.


While committed Monday-Saturday, the singer builds in balance, getting "hammered" on white wine spritzers and ordering McDonald's on Sundays.


The formerly teetotaling Adele gave up drinking and coffee entirely during her diet, calling that lifestyle "boring" during her transformation.


Now the singer only drinks on her Sunday cheat days, opting for 4-5 white wine spritzers which get her quite drunk she admits.


On her weekly splurge she'll also order McDonald's and jokes she "forgets the next day" so it doesn't undo her hard work.


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