Alyssa Milano Faces Backlash Over Son's Team

By: Mobin

Alyssa Milano faces heavy criticism after creating a GoFundMe for her son's baseball team trip despite her wealth.


Many outraged that the millionaire actress would ask financially struggling fans to donate rather than funding it herself.


Fans respond with memes and snark over the perceived out-of-touch move. Some donate tiny amounts sarcastically. 


Milano tries damage control on social media, claiming she already pays for much of the team's needs. Doesn't pacify critics.   

 Attempted Justification  

Backlash continues as Milano lives lavishly in a multi-million dollar LA home. Fans cite her financial privilege as reason to self-fund trip.   


Known for controversial takes, Milano no stranger to online mockery. Supporters cite her as activist, critics call her tone-deaf.

Familiar Territory

Despite outrage, GoFundMe already raised over $7K of $10K target. But no donation listed from Milano herself.

Partial Success  

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