Audi RS6 Avant GT Debut with Luxurious Interiors

Author: Ehtesham

Only 660 exclusive units worldwide, this masterpiece features performance-enhancing aero upgrades, bespoke carbon-fibre body panels, and an eye-catching retro livery.

Born from the creativity of Audi apprentices in 2020, inspired by the iconic 1989 IMSA GTO race car, this model is based on the top-tier Performance version of the RS6.

Choose from a striking white, grey, and red combo with white wheels or a sophisticated grey and black alternative. This limited edition is a visual spectacle that transcends the ordinary.

The RS6 GT showcases motorsport-inspired features, including a double wing, a functional rear diffuser, and an assertive front splitter.

With roof rails removed and 22-inch aero-optimized wheels, every detail contributes to a performance boost, making it a true marvel on the road.

The interior boasts suede-like Dinamica upholstery, adorned with red and bronze stitching on seats, steering wheel, and floor mats.

Under the hood, the RS6 GT houses the formidable 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, delivering an impressive 630hp and 848Nm of torque to all four tires.

Thanks to lightweight materials and aero tweaks, the acceleration from 0-100kph is achieved in a mere 3.3 seconds, while 0-200kph takes only 11.5 seconds – setting new standards in its class.

इलेक्ट्रिक लूना की वापसी, सिर्फ ₹69,990 में खरीदें