BBC Removes Dragon's Den Episode with Gary Neville

By: Mobin

Contestant Giselle Boxer sought investment for her ear seeds business, pitching them as a treatment for ME/CFS that helped her personally. 

Giselle Boxer

The BBC has removed a recent Dragon's Den episode from iPlayer after backlash over medical claims made by a contestant pitching ear seeds.


Ear seeds apply pressure on nerve endings and supposedly relax the nervous system, release endorphins, and naturally relieve pain.

Ear Seeds

An ME/CFS charity wrote an open letter objecting to the unevidenced medical claims made on the BBC show by Boxer.

Charity Objects 

ME/CFS is a chronic fatigue condition with no known cure. Treatments aim to relieve symptoms like exhaustion, muscle pain, cognitive dysfunction, etc.

Cure for ME/CFS

Manchester United legend Gary Neville was among the investor "Dragons" on the episode. He did not invest in Boxer's ear seeds business.

Dragon Investors

The BBC likely pulled the episode quickly to prevent the spread of unfounded medical advice to vulnerable ME/CFS patients desperate for treatment.

Prevent Harm

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