Bryan Cranston's 34-Year Marriage to Robin Dearden

By: Mobin

Actress Robin Dearden, born in 1953 in LA, is known for roles in Magnum P.I., Breaking Bad, and more. She met Cranston on the set of Airwolf in 1986.

Robin Dearden

Cranston says the secret is marrying someone with shared core values and accepting you won't agree on everything. Compromise is key.


Though both were dating others at the time, Cranston and Dearden felt a spark when they acted together in a 1986 episode of Airwolf.

Led to Love 

Cranston and Dearden wed in 1989. In 1993 they had a daughter named Taylor Dearden, now an actress herself.


Dearden has appeared in her husband's projects like Breaking Bad and Last Chance. Their careers intertwined. 


Cranston looks forward to spending quality time with Dearden as he plans to slow down acting in 2026.

Time with Robin  

Cranston and Dearden's lasting union is a Hollywood rarity. He credits choosing the right life partner.

Happy Marriage  

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