Caroline Manzo Sues Bravo Over Brandi Glanville

By: Mobin

Manzo sues over alleged sexual assault by Glanville during RHUGT filming. Claims unwanted touching, kissing.

Assault Allegation 

Suit states Glanville was drunk, made offensive comments. Manzo reprimands, Glanville curses at her.

Drunk Behavior  

Later, Glanville forcibly kisses Manzo, puts head on her thigh. Manzo escapes to bathroom, distressed.  

Couch Incident

Glanville enters bathroom, presses against Manzo. Gropes vagina, breasts, kisses neck. Manzo cries for help.

Bathroom Assault  

Glanville texts apology. But interacts with group in subsequent days, upsetting Manzo who leaves Morocco early.


Lawsuit alleges Claim Bravo knew of Glanville's past harassment, yet encouraged drunkenness for ratings.

Negligence Claim 

Manzo wants producers held accountable for enabling harassment for drama, rather than protecting cast.

Seeking Accountability

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