Catherine O'Hara Left SNL After 1 Week

By: Mobin

The Schitt's Creek actress was brought on to Saturday Night Live in the 80s, during an off period for her regular sketch comedy show SCTV.


O'Hara explains she was already committed to cult Canadian sketch series SCTV, which had an uncertain future at the time.  

Comedy Troupe

With SCTV off the air, O'Hara decided to accept a role on NBC's Saturday Night Live during the down time.

SCTV Break

But soon after joining the SNL cast, O'Hara learned SCTV had been renewed, meaning she had to choose one show over the other.

SNL cast

The actress made the difficult decision to leave SNL after just 1 week to rejoin her Canadian "comedy family" back on the sketch comedy program.


O'Hara admits it "wasn't cool" to accept the SNL job and quickly depart, wishing her exit could have been handled better.

SNL job

Regret over her Abrupt SNL exit, O'Hara feels things turned out the way they were supposed to for her career.  

Abrupt SNL exit

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