Crazy Feud Between David Lee Roth And Wolfgang Van

By: Mobin

David Lee Roth goes on bizarre rant against Wolfgang Van Halen over incidents during Van Halen's final tour in 2015.


Roth claims Wolfgang kicked his female guests out of shows as a "lesson" for not paying enough attention to the guitarist on stage.


The women were apparently accountants carrying paychecks for the tour crew, unbeknownst to Wolfgang.


In angry video, Roth details Wolfgang's alleged actions at shows in New York and Los Angeles in 2015.


Wolfgang supposedly tried getting back at Roth by removing his guests out of jealousy and spite.


Long-simmering tensions between Roth and Eddie Van Halen's son boil over publicly years later. Sign of erratic behavior from classic rock icon.


Sad coda to Van Halen's celebrated history as bandmates turn on each other after Eddie's death. Roth's rambling tirade seen as latest sign


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