Daisy Kent Get Cochlear Implant Advice From Abigail

By: Mobin

Abigail Heringer, who was the first deaf contestant in Bachelor history, is sharing guidance with Daisy Kent who also uses a cochlear implant on the current season.


Abigail encourages Daisy to stay true to her own journey with hearing loss as "everyone's path is different" amidst public opinions.


Daisy educates people on living with hearing loss on TikTok, including a viral video about her experience hearing for the first time with a cochlear implant.


Both women are raising awareness for the deaf community by openly sharing their stories on the highly watched Bachelor franchise.


While their experiences are unique, Abigail is "excited to learn more about [Daisy's] journey with hearing loss" and how she handles it on the show.


Their visibility helps break stereotypes and gives inspiration to others with hearing impairments by embracing disabilities openly.


Both women exemplify confidence and grace in bringing understanding to the daily realities faced by many in the deaf community.


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