Daisy Ridley Paid For Starring In Star Wars

By: Mobin

J.J. Abrams warned Ridley that playing Rey was not just a role but a "religion for people" that would intensely impact her life.  


The pressures of leading Star Wars left Ridley isolated from loved ones, grappling between fantasy projections and her reality, even causing physical health problems.


Ridley faced waves of online harassment from toxic fans after The Force Awakens, eventually driving her to leave social media for her own well-being.


Past negatives, Ridley returns optimistically to Star Wars in an upcoming movie about Rey's Jedi Order, hoping for positive creative and fan experiences.


The toxic faction of fans took a major toll, Ridley emphasizes she also felt embraced and supported by the wider Star Wars fanbase.


The intense harassment campaign after Episode VII left Ridley viewing social media as unhealthy, requiring her to step back to protect her mental health.

Stepping Away  

The pressures of leading Star Wars' sequel trilogy created deep scars for Ridley, impacting her worldview and relationships amid projections onto her fame.


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