Donald & Maya Erskine Become Prime's Mr & Mrs Smith

By: Mobin

On creating believable chemistry between their characters through getting to know each other and building a friendship mirroring the progression.


Erskine felt like Glover was an old friend from college, making their chemistry natural, while Glover also felt like he had known Erskine.


Their chemistry grew stronger over the course of filming as they got closer through the process of working together episode by episode.


The order they shot episodes meant they started with the initial "meet cute" of their characters, allowing their real life friendship to mirror the on screen relationship.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith premieres February 2nd, 2024 on Prime Video, starring Glover and Erskine as the title characters.


The series puts a new spin on the original 2005 film, reworking the premise around strangers who go undercover as a married couple.


The pair are recruited to work for a mysterious spy agency, with their pretend marriage as the cover for their dangerous missions.

Spy Agency

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