Erin Moriarty Quit Social Media After Kelly Surgery

By: Mobin

The Boys” star Erin Moriarty faced plastic surgery speculation by Megyn Kelly, decides to quit Instagram.

Online Attack  

In YouTube video, Kelly analyzed Moriarty’s face and falsely claimed she got surgical procedures to have trendy, Kardashian-like features. 

Cosmetic Claims

Kelly called Moriarty “plastic Barbie,” said she looked “AI” and no longer human after alleged work done. Faced backlash.  


Moriarty slammed Kelly’s bullying video as clickbait and societal attack on women for aging, their appearance. Defended herself.  

Setting Record Straight

Citing mental health, actress announced departure from Instagram due to trauma from Kelly’s public shaming about her looks.

Toxic Space

As Starlight on “The Boys,” Moriarty constantly deals with critique over her body. Kelly video was last straw to exit. 

Persistent Scrutiny  

Kelly faced widespread criticism for cyber-harassing and body-shaming Moriarty out of the blue, leading her to quit app.  


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