Ford Super Van 4.2 EV, Delivery Revolution

By: Mudassir Ali

Ford's Super Van 4.2 EV defies expectations, showcasing remarkable performance capabilities that outshine even the most exotic sports cars.


With speeds surpassing 187 mph, the Super Van 4.2 effortlessly navigates Mount Panorama's challenging terrain.


Clocking in at an impressive 1:56.3247, the Super Van completes laps around the iconic racetrack 10 seconds faster than pole time during the Australian Supercars.

Record Breaker

As a one-off high-performance variant of Ford's upcoming electric Transit Custom, the Super Van 4.2 showcases Ford's commitment to revolutionizing.


Featuring four electric motors—one at each wheel—this powerhouse delivers up to 2,000 horsepower and an astonishing 2,950 pound-feet of torque.


Equipped with a 50 kW battery and weighing approximately 3,930 pounds, the Super Van 4.2 boasts advanced features such as regenerative braking.


Although bearing the Blue Oval badge, the Super Van 4.2 diverges from the standard E-Transit Custom, featuring unique carbon fiber bodywork and a tube frame chassis.


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