Kevin Conroy's Final Batman Scene Disappoints Fans

By: Mobin

Kevin Conroy just made his final voice appearance as Batman in a new Suicide Squad video game clip, but it has many fans deeply disappointed with the results.


Conroy's last time playing the Caped Crusader comes in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, a game that has not been able to catch a break in its lead-up to launch. 


The clip shows the Suicide Squad killing a bloodied and beaten Batman before he takes a bullet to the face from Harley Quinn, instantly killing him.


This game features Conroy portraying Batman, although Kill the Justice League lives up to its name by taking the hero out of the picture.  


This marks the final voiceover performance as Batman from Conroy, who passed away in 2022 after a battle with cancer.


Unfortunately, this video left some DC fans disappointed after hearing and seeing Conroy's work in this new clip as his last Batman role.


While disappointing, Conroy leaves behind an iconic legacy as the definitive voice of Batman across TV, video games and animated films for over 30 years.


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