Milly Alcock - The New Supergirl in DC Universe 

By: Mobin

The actress Milly Alcock will play Supergirl in upcoming DC projects. She starred in House of the Dragon and brings an exciting new take on the character.


Alcock will portray a more hardcore version of Supergirl in the DC Universe, different from past incarnations.


Her casting as Supergirl was announced in January 2024. She was chosen over actresses like Emilia Jones and Meg Donnelly after a competitive audition process.


She may first appear in the upcoming Superman Legacy movie. Her solo Supergirl feature film does not yet have a director attached.


Her Supergirl is based on Tom King's 2022 Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow comic series, with a harder edge.


Alcock landed this high-profile role after her breakout part as young Princess Rhaenyra in House of the Dragon. Her performance demonstrated her talent.


The new Supergirl is expected to have a more serious, gritty tone compared to past versions. Alcock's intensity in House of the Dragon proved she can bring complexity.


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