Mitsuoka M55: A Honda Civic's Retro Renaissance

By: Mobin

Prepare to be amazed as Mitsuoka unveils the M55, a stunning metamorphosis of the humble Honda Civic into a captivating retro-inspired.


Paying homage to the golden era of 1970s automotive design, the M55 concept celebrates Mitsuoka's 55th birthday.

Retro Reimagined

While the rear louvers, quad headlights, and Lancia-inspired grille exude vintage charm, the M55 cleverly conceals a modern Honda Civic chassis.

Hybrid Aesthetics

Inside, the M55 strikes a delicate balance, preserving the Civic's essence while incorporating subtle retro touches like grommeted sport seats.


The overwhelming response to the M55 concept, with over 1,300 inquiries, has convinced Mitsuoka to green-light its production.


Mitsuoka's reputation for unconventional automotive creations, like the infamous Orochi and Buddy, paves the way for the M55's audacious debut.


In a world of conformity, the Mitsuoka M55 stands as an automotive anomaly, a bold statement for those seeking to break free.


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