Naomi Watts and Billy were keen to get married

By: Mobin

Naomi Watts, radiant with the glow of a newlywed, shares insights into her recent courthouse wedding with Billy Crudup, revealing the couple's spontaneous decision.


While appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Watts reflects on their nuptials, describing the New York City courthouse ceremony. 


The couple, co-stars in Netflix's Gypsy, surprised fans with their romance and engagement, culminating in a swift yet significant courthouse wedding. 


Watts reminisces about their special day, describing the classic New York atmosphere and the diverse array of people encountered. 


Prior to their union, Crudup and Watts navigated separate high-profile relationships, each with children from previous partners.

Past Relationships

The couple's journey to matrimony was punctuated by public acknowledgments, from Crudup's awards speeches to their red carpet debut. 

Public Recognition

Amidst public appearances and shared milestones, Crudup and Watts continue to radiate affection, cherishing their love with Hollywood outings.

Continued Affection

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