Natalya Dodges Questions On Hart Family Movie Talk

By: Mobin

Natalya refuses to confirm or deny talks of a Hart family movie, but hints she's working on an over one-year passion project related to her famous wrestling lineage.


Says Hart history could make for great films given the stories to be told just from her experience growing up in the famed family as a woman.


Compliments "The Iron Claw" for bringing new respect to wrestling with intense portrayal. Notes even Zac Efron gained appreciation through his wrestler role.


Describes constant, back-breaking schedule of WWE wrestling, with no off-season, that deserves more understanding.


Averting questions on movie, Natalya's comments indicate there could be smoke to the rumors on a Hart family biopic being in the works.


As member of iconic Hart wrestling empire, Natalya no stranger to family stories playing out in public eye and inspiring intrigue.


With acclaimed films like "The Iron Claw" exploring other wrestling dynasties, more attention on the unique athletic entertainment world seems likely. 


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