Nicki Minaj Addresses Rumors About Single Bigfoot

By: Mobin

Nicki Minaj's upcoming track Bigfoot sparked speculation it takes aim lyrically at rap rival Megan Thee Stallion.


Minaj previewed Bigfoot lines mentioning a "6-foot" woman, seeming to reference Megan's 2020 foot shooting incident.


Denial clues pointing to a diss, Nicki asserts Bigfoot is not targeting Megan - but fan theories continue.


Minaj recently mocked Megan's late mom and called her a "disgusting serpent", fueling belief a diss track looms.


Megan's lyrics invoking "Megan's Law", affecting Nicki's sex offender husband, also stoked tensions between the rappers. 


Nicki's mixed signals on Bigfoot have left fans puzzled whether it furthers her feud with Megan or defuses it.


As Bigfoot's arrival nears, fans eagerly await the next dramatic chapter in Nicki and Megan's ongoing beef.


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