No Wedding Soon for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom  

By: Mobin

The celebrity couple got into a tiff over Orlando's role hosting the 2023 Golden Globes, leaving their Aspen vacation in limbo.


Insiders claim Katy and Orlando lead increasingly separate lives focused on their own careers despite raising 3-year-old daughter Daisy together.


With no wedding plans in sight after the latest fight, some wonder if the on-again, off-again relationship will make it down the aisle.  


Orlando presenting at the Golden Globes was seen as choosing his career over a vacation with Katy, raising tensions in the unmarried couple.


While speculation over their relationship status grows, insiders say Katy and Orlando remain together for now for the sake of daughter Daisy.


Differences emerging between pop star Katy and adventure-seeking Orlando in how they spend their time and lives.  


Years after getting engaged, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom still haven't made it to the altar despite starting a family.


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