Paul Anderson Fined for Drug Possession 

By: Mobin

Peaky Blinders actor Paul Anderson was caught with illegal substances including crack cocaine on Boxing Day, leading to legal fines. 


Anderson's lawyer claimed he sometimes slips into his intense Peaky Blinders character Arthur Shelby to please fans, implying this led to the drug use.

Playing a Role

Alongside crack cocaine, Anderson also pleaded guilty to possession of amphetamines, diazepam, and pregabalin. He was fined £1,345 total.  

Additional Charges

On the day he was caught, Anderson was apparently recognized by fans at a pub who encouraged him to act in character, his lawyer used as part of his defense.

Recognized by Fans

Police were called to the pub Anderson was at on Boxing Day about illegal drug use happening. They brought Anderson in and discovered the substances.

Police Intervention

As Arthur Shelby in Peaky Blinders, Anderson plays an intense, out-of-control character who resorts to drug use in the acclaimed TV drama. 

Intense TV Role

Anderson kept quiet in court, with his lawyer attempting to explain away the situation as the actor just immersed in playing his troubled Peaky Blinders.

Damage Control

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