Pharrell Williams' Lego Movie 'Piece By Piece

By: Mobin

Pharrell confirms his Lego-animated life story film "Piece By Piece" will release in theaters on October 11th, 2024. 

Biopic Locks Date

Film will use Lego blocks to creatively narrate Pharrell's journey from childhood to music icon status. Adds interactive element.

Toy Storytelling   

Makers aim to showcase Pharrell as artist, fashion influencer beyond just musician. Lego medium offers unique perspective. 

The Build U

For Pharrell, seeing his life story told through his favorite childhood toy Lego is a wish come true.

Dream Realized  

Oscar nominee Morgan Neville directs, Grammy winners Pharrell and Mimi Valdes co-produce this highly anticipated musical film.

Prestigious Production  

With decorated team attached, fans eagerly await to see this toy-based take on pop icon Pharrell's life.

Curiosity Peaked 

Piece By Piece will give intimate look at Pharrell's illustrious yet grounded rise To Personal Tale to the top.

Personal Tale 

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