Porsche Launching Ultra-Sporty 911 Hybrid This Summer

By: Mobin

Porsche's 2023 Annual and Sustainability Report unveils plans for a hybrid 911 model, set to debut in early summer with a six-cylinder engine.


Touted as an "ultra-sporty hybrid," the electrified 911 promises to be "even faster and more efficient," combining performance and sustainability.

Both Worlds

Porsche hints at the possibility of introducing multiple hybrid derivatives within the revamped 911 model lineup, codenamed "992.2."


The hybrid 911's powertrain draws inspiration from Porsche's racing division, incorporating lessons learned from the 919 and 963 programs.


Unlike a plug-in hybrid, the 911 Hybrid won't have a charging port, opting for a lightweight, non-PHEV setup to maintain optimal performance.

Non-Plug-In Hybrid

 Rumors suggest a possibility of an electrified GT2 RS variant with a mild-hybrid setup, promising over 700 hp and increased torque.


While a fully electric 911 is not planned for this generation, Porsche aims to keep combustion engines alive using carbon-neutral synthetic fuels.

Fuel Future

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