Renault 5 E-Tech: Electric Nostalgia in a Modern Package

By: Mobin

 After a 20-year run, the quirky Renault 5 hatchback became a European classic, now revived as the electric 5 E-Tech.

Iconic Hatchback

Joining the Fiat 500e and Mini Electric, the 5 E-Tech taps into the nostalgia trend, blending retro styling with modern electric power.

Nostalgia Play

As a subcompact EV, the 5 E-Tech offers modest performance (95-150 hp) and a 250-mile range (WLTP) from its 52-kWh battery.

Compact EV

The 5 E-Tech's design pays homage to the original 5, with square headlights, vertical taillights, and a compact hatchback silhouette.


While the exterior is nostalgic, the interior features contemporary elements like large screens, reflecting the 5 E-Tech's EV underpinnings.


 With a $27,000 price tag, the 5 E-Tech aims to make electric mobility accessible to a broader market.


As with other Renaults, the 5 E-Tech is not currently slated for the U.S. market, unless the Renault brand returns first.


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