Snoop Dogg Has Love and Respect for Donald Trump

By: Mobin

Snoop declares he actually has no issues with Trump after targeting him repeatedly in songs, videos & statements over the years.


Their beef peaked when Snoop made a music video in 2017 depicting himself shooting a clown dressed as Trump, sparking outrage from Trump's team.


Snoop also released a diss track in 2018 called "Make America Crip Again" mocking Trump's "Make America Great Again" campaign slogan.  


Snoop now credits Trump for pardoning his friend Michael Harris, co-founder of Snoop's first label Death Row Records, who was jailed on drug charges.


Due to the perceived favor to his inner circle, Snoop declares he has "nothing but love and respect" for the former president. 


Trump is again running for president in 2024, but it seems any past beef with Snoop won't hurt his chances of securing the rap icon's vote going forward.


Snoop's change of heart is raising eyebrows. Does it signal shifting political winds or was it a pragmatic move given Trump's enduring base.


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