Suzuki 250cc Bikes Recall in India: February 2024 Update

By: Ehtesham Arif

Suzuki has initiated a recall for its 250cc bikes in India due to powertrain issues, specifically concerning abnormal wear of exhaust cam lobes.


Affected motorcycle owners will be contacted by Suzuki dealerships for a service appointment. The company will replace the faulty parts at no additional cost.

Service Appointment

The recall addresses abnormal wear of exhaust cam lobes, leading to potential issues like sudden stalling or unusual noises during operation.

Abnormal Wear

Despite the recall, Suzuki has yet to disclose the exact cause behind the abnormal wear. Details regarding the sample size affected and specific batches involved remain undisclosed.


Built on a common platform, these bikes feature similar engine specifications, transmission setup, and cycle parts, emphasizing Suzuki's engineering synergy.

Unified Platform

Equipped with a 249cc oil-cooled engine delivering 26.5 PS of power and 22.2 Nm of torque, the recalled Suzuki bikes offer a robust performance.


Incorporating advanced safety features like dual-channel ABS, the Suzuki 250cc lineup prioritizes rider protection.

Safety Features

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