Tesla Cybertruck 2024: Not a Truck Revolution

By: Mobin

While the Cybertruck's exterior promises innovation, its driving experience feels largely familiar to Tesla owners and pickup enthusiasts. 


One genuinely revolutionary feature is the Cybertruck's steer-by-wire system, which lacks a physical connection between the steering wheel and wheels.


The Cybertruck's claimed range of up to 340 miles (with standard tires) is competitive but not dominant.


Its charging experience, while superior to most EVs, is on par with the Rivian R1T and will soon face competition from other EV pickups.


The Cybertruck's interior is a familiar Tesla design, with a central touchscreen controlling most functions. 


The Cybertruck lacks key features like Autopilot lane-keeping and Full Self-Driving, which Tesla promises will come later. 


The Cybertruck is currently available in only two trims, with the base All-Wheel Drive model starting at $102,235 and the Cyberbeast at $122,235.


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