Tony Hawk's 25th Anniversary Skating Showcase

By: Mobin

The event was held at The Fortitude Music Hall in Brisbane on January 27, transforming the venue with a two-story half pipe and video game stations.


The lineup included punk rocker Alex Lahey, veteran band Bodyjar, pro skaters like Elliot Sloan, and Tony Hawk himself wowing the crowd.  


Fans, many sporting backward caps and Vans, filled the venue to celebrate 25 years of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game franchise.


From Alex Lahey playing hits like "Every Day's the Weekend" to seeing Hawk nail 720s live, it was a punk rock skating spectacle.  


Lahey said it felt like "a dream" to play while the crowd watched in awe as pros landed tricky moves with ease.


Covers band Birdman performed punk and ska songs from the game soundtracks, bringing mosh pits and guest vocals from Hawk.


With skating, punk music and an 11-foot halfpipe inside the venue, it was a true one-of-a-kind celebration 25 years in the making.


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