Tracee Ellis Ross On Forging Her Own Path

By: Mobin

Tracee Ellis Ross excels at portraying strength and independence in subtle ways, bucking limitation of Black women roles.  

Quiet Power   

Superstardom, mom Diana Ross made Tracee feel wanted through consistent presence and family focus.

Present Parent

Tracee struggled with tying her value to having a partner or kids, a societal standard she challenges. 


Saw Diana wield power and agency with grace. Made Tracee want to be a woman who proudly claims “this is me.”

Inspiring Icon  

She Has learned to develop healthier relationship with loneliness through solo travel and dining out alone.  


Wants to encourage women to live freely instead of fitting themselves into others’ expectations. Loving Myself   

Loving Myself  

 Realized she was stuck trying to be who she thought people wanted until she dared to walk through world as her desired self.  

Freedom First

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