Trailer Teases Johnny Depp's Return In Pirates 6

By: Mobin

A viral concept trailer for "Pirates of the Caribbean 6" features Johnny Depp back as Jack Sparrow, with Jenna Ortega as his daughter. Convincing edit fuels hopes. 


Past statements he wouldn't return after trial, trailer sparks speculation Depp took Disney's $301M offer to reprise iconic role.


Trailer also shows Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom returning as Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner, adding to excitement.


Depp said in trial he wouldn't work with Disney again after feeling abandoned over abuse allegations. Studio allegedly apologized.


Loyal fans celebrate prospect of Sparrow's comeback, say Disney "needs to grovel" to get Depp back in hopes of replicating past Pirates success. 


While convincing edit, trailer is only a concept made by fans. But could it pressure Disney and Depp to reconcile for real return.


Jenna Ortega took to her Instagram handle and quashed the rumors, “This is so ridiculous I can’t even laugh.

Jenna Ortega’s

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