Wagon Enthusiasts Rejoice: BMW Reveal Stunning 5-Series and i5 Touring Models

Mudassir Ali
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Wagon Enthusiasts Rejoice: BMW Reveal Stunning 5-Series and i5 Touring Models

BMW enthusiasts, especially those with a soft spot for wagons, have reason to celebrate as BMW unveils its latest offerings—the stunning 5-Series Touring and the electrifying i5. While initially destined for Europe, there’s hope that the high-performance M5 wagon might eventually make its way to the U.S., offering wagon aficionados stateside a taste of luxury and power.

All-New 5-Series

After a hiatus from the U.S. market, BMW introduces the 5-Series Touring, marking a return to the beloved wagon segment. With sleek lines and a spacious interior, the 5-Series Touring boasts an impressive cargo area, perfect for all your adventures. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, including a large curved display screen and the latest iDrive 8.5 software, this wagon promises a luxurious driving experience. Plus, with hands-free driver-assist features, you can navigate highways with ease and confidence.


For eco-conscious drivers seeking electrifying performance, the BMW i5 Touring delivers. Available in both eDrive40 and M60 variants, the i5 offers impressive power and efficiency. With electric powertrains mirroring those of its sedan counterpart, the i5 boasts up to 593 horsepower in its dual-motor setup. And with an 81.2-kWh battery pack as standard, range anxiety becomes a thing of the past.


While U.S. availability for the 5-Series Touring and i5 remains uncertain, wagon enthusiasts can hold out hope for the potential arrival of the M5 Touring. With whispers of a hybrid M5 wagon boasting up to 738 horsepower, the future looks bright for wagon lovers in America. Until then, we can revel in the excitement of these new BMW wagons, eagerly anticipating any official announcements from BMW regarding their stateside availability.


As BMW continues to push the boundaries of luxury and performance, the unveiling of the 5-Series Touring and i5 Touring models offers a glimpse into the future of wagon excellence. Whether you’re drawn to the spacious elegance of the 5-Series or the electrifying performance of the i5, these wagons promise an exhilarating driving experience. And with the possibility of the high-performance M5 joining the lineup, the future of BMW wagons has never looked brighter.

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