Alec Musser, All My Children Star and Fitness Icon, Passes Away at 50

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Alec Musser, All My Children Star and Fitness Icon, Passes Away at 50

In a somber turn of events, the entertainment industry mourns the loss of Alec Musser, a renowned actor recognized for his role as Del Henry on All My Children. The news of his passing at the age of 50 was confirmed by his family to TMZ on Friday night.

A Soap Star’s Journey

Alec Musser entered the spotlight in 2005, capturing hearts as he emerged victorious in SOAPnet’s reality TV contest, ‘I Wanna Be a Soap Star.’ This triumph secured him a coveted contract with All My Children, where he stepped into the character of Del Henry, following in the footsteps of Winsor Harmon. His impactful portrayal continued until 2007, leaving an indelible mark on the soap opera landscape.

Life Beyond the Soap Opera

Post his stint on All My Children, Musser’s career continued to flourish. In 2009, he graced Lifetime’s Rita Rocks alongside Nicole Sullivan of ‘black-ish’ fame. Simultaneously, he played a role in ‘Road to the Altar,’ a web series featuring Jaleel White from ‘Family Matters’ and Leyna Juliet Weber from ‘As the World Turns.’ The final TV credit on his illustrious resume came in 2011 with an appearance on Desperate Housewives.

A Multifaceted Talent

Beyond the glitz of Hollywood, Alec Musser showcased his versatility as a fitness model. His chiseled physique and commitment to a healthy lifestyle earned him a place in the pages of renowned magazines such as Men’s Health, Men’s Workout, and Exercise Health. Musser’s dedication to fitness resonated beyond the screen, inspiring many to pursue a healthier way of life.

As the curtain falls on Alec Musser’s life, the entertainment industry remembers not only a talented actor but also a fitness icon who left an enduring legacy.


What was Alec Musser’s iconic role in All My Children?

Alec Musser portrayed Del Henry, succeeding Winsor Harmon in the role.

How did Alec Musser enter the soap opera scene?

He won SOAPnet’s reality TV contest ‘I Wanna Be a Soap Star’ in 2005.

Apart from acting, what other projects did Musser undertake?

Musser appeared in Lifetime’s Rita Rocks and the web series Road to the Altar.

What marked Musser’s contribution beyond acting?

He gained recognition as a fitness model, gracing magazines like Men’s Health.

When did Alec Musser’s career on All My Children conclude?

He exited the soap opera in 2007, marking the end of his tenure as Del Henry.

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