Ali Wong’s Humble Haven for Heavy Honors

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Ali Wong's Humble Haven for Heavy Honors

Ali Wong, the 41-year-old actress renowned for her role in the hit Netflix series ‘Beef,’ has a unique approach to her collection of accolades. In a candid revelation to ‘Entertainment Tonight’ before the Emmy Awards, Ali shared that, due to their weight, all her awards find their home in storage.

Despite the glitz and glamour, these heavy tokens of success take a back seat, neatly tucked away on high shelves, shielded from accidental falls. Wong humorously likens them to potential hazards for her kids, prompting the need for a carefully crafted high shelf, almost like a museum display.

Romantic Escape

While Ali Wong has recently celebrated triumphs at the Critics’ Choice Awards and the Golden Globes, her love life with actor Bill Hader remains a private affair. Wong, when asked about the secret behind their relationship, playfully keeps it mysterious, emphasizing their selective privacy. Despite the public eye on her achievements, Ali cherishes her personal space, letting her romance bloom away from prying eyes.

The Stand-Up Heart

Amidst her recent TV successes, Ali Wong steadfastly considers herself a stand-up comedian first and foremost. Acknowledging the challenges of transitioning to acting, she opens up about the struggles she faced, particularly in memorizing extensive dialogues.

While her co-star Steven Yeun effortlessly grasped the demands, Wong candidly shares her concerns, emphasizing the vital role stand-up plays in her life as a form of self-expression.


Where does Ali Wong keep her awards?

Ali Wong stores her awards in storage due to their weight.

Why does she place the awards on high shelves?

To avoid them being a hazard to her kids and ensure they are safely tucked away.

Who is Ali Wong’s boyfriend?

Ali Wong is in a relationship with actor Bill Hader.

How does Ali Wong describe her approach to her relationship with Bill Hader?

Ali Wong and Bill Hader are “selectively private” about their romance.

What does Ali Wong consider herself first and foremost?

Ali Wong sees herself as a stand-up comedian “first and foremost.”

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