Brock Davies Opens Up on Scheana Shay’s Podcast About Missing His Kids

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Brock Davies Opens Up on Scheana Shay's Podcast About Missing His Kids

In a candid and emotional moment on the latest episode of Scheana Shay’s podcast, “Scheananigans,” Vanderpump Rules star Brock Davies poured his heart out about the challenges he faces in maintaining a relationship with his children from his first marriage during his recent trip to Australia with Scheana.

Davies acknowledged the complexities of the situation, addressing the aftermath of past actions that impacted his relationship with his older children, daughter Winter and son Eli. The emotional toll is evident as he delves into the difficult journey of mending the trauma caused during their younger years.

A Father’s Resolve

Expressing a deep commitment to being the father he aspires to be, Davies revealed the ongoing struggle to rebuild trust and create a space for healing. He emphasized the importance of patience and persistence in demonstrating his genuine desire to be a positive presence in their lives.

The Reality of the Situation

Despite the curiosity of Bravo fans eager for updates on his reunion with his older children, Davies shared the bittersweet truth. He admitted to not meeting his son or daughter during the recent trip, highlighting the evolving dynamics of their lives as they transition from preschool to high school.

Acknowledging Past Mistakes

Davies bravely addressed past mistakes, including a regrettable incident where he slapped his ex-partner. Opening up about the toxicity of his previous relationship, he explained the subsequent challenges, legal issues, and the strained connection that ultimately led to separation from his children.

The former rugby player shed light on the legal battles he faced, detailing how a domestic violence order was imposed following an argument. Despite successfully appealing the charge, complications persisted, leading to separation from his children due to halted child support payments.

Working Towards Resolution

Determined to rectify the situation, Davies shared his commitment to fulfilling child support obligations and striving for a healthier relationship with his ex-wife and stepdad. The goal is clear: consistent communication and maintaining financial responsibilities to ensure a positive environment for his kids.

An Emotional Turn

As the podcast unfolded, emotions ran high. Davies, visibly moved, expressed the internal struggle between the desire to fight hard for his children and the acknowledgment of the tough balancing act actions entail. The sincerity in his tears resonated as he affirmed his contentment with positive life changes.

Transitioning Towards Hope

While Davies yearns for his kids to eventually come around, Shay hinted at improved relations with Davies’ ex-wife, offering a glimpse of progress by mentioning regular photo updates. The podcast closed on a poignant note, encapsulating Davies’ determination to persevere through challenges and cherish the positive transformations in his life.


Did Brock Davies see his kids during the Australia trip with Scheana?

Unfortunately, no. The evolving priorities in his children’s lives and the complex history necessitate time for healing.

What led to the strained relationship with Davies’ ex-wife?

A history of toxicity, legal issues, and halted child support payments contributed to the complications.

How is Davies working towards resolving the situation?

He is committed to fulfilling child support obligations and fostering a healthier relationship through consistent communication.

Why couldn’t Davies reunite with his kids?

Stopped child support payments were a significant factor, creating barriers to reuniting with his children.

Is there hope for Davies to reconcile with his older children?

Despite challenges, Davies remains hopeful, aiming for a positive transformation and healing in his relationship with his kids.

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