Florence Pugh Shines in Futuristic Mermaidcore Ensemble

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Florence Pugh Shines in Futuristic Mermaidcore Ensemble

Florence Pugh is heating up the red carpet with her futuristic twist on mermaidcore fashion, giving us major summer vibes despite the winter chill. At a promotional event for the upcoming film Dune: Part Two in Mexico City, Pugh dazzled in a custom ivory two-piece set by London-based label Galvan.

Setting the Style Bar High

Known for her daring fashion choices, Pugh didn’t disappoint with her latest ensemble. The sheer fabric of the outfit was adorned with glimmering diamond-shaped mirrors, resembling metallic fish scales and adding a touch of celestial allure. With a thigh-high leg slit revealing her silver heels and complementing jewelry from Shaun Leane, Pugh exuded sci-fi glamour—a perfect homage to her Dune character, Princess Irulan.

Red Carpet Extravaganza

Pugh wasn’t the only star to make a statement on the Dune red carpet. Co-star Zendaya also turned heads in a captivating ensemble designed by Torishéju Dumi and styled by Law Roach. The stomach-baring dress featured intricate knotting and a blend of gray, black, and scarlet fabrics, creating a slightly dystopian yet mesmerizing look. It marked a significant moment for the independent British designer, who expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with fashion icons like Zendaya.

In a sea of stunning outfits, Pugh and Zendaya stood out with their innovative takes on red-carpet fashion, captivating audiences with their style prowess and creativity.


What was Florence Pugh wearing at the Dune: Part Two event?

Florence Pugh stunned in a custom ivory two-piece set adorned with diamond-shaped mirrors, reminiscent of metallic fish scales.

Who designed Zendaya’s outfit for the Dune red carpet?

Zendaya’s intergalactic look was designed by Torishéju Dumi and styled by Law Roach, featuring a striking blend of fabrics and intricate knotting.

When is the release date for Dune: Part Two?

Dune: Part Two is set to debut on March 1, featuring Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan.

What accessories did Florence Pugh wear with her ensemble?

Pugh accessorized her look with sculptural silver jewelry pieces from Shaun Leane, adding to the overall sci-fi glamour.

How did Zendaya’s outfit mark a milestone for the designer Torishéju Dumi?

Zendaya’s ensemble showcased the creative talent of Torishéju Dumi, marking a significant moment for the independent British designer on the red carpet.

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