Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper’s Stylish Dinner Date Post Golden Globes

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Gigi Hadid and Bradley Coopers Stylish Dinner Date Post Golden Globes

In the dazzling aftermath of the Golden Globes 2024, the paparazzi caught a glimpse of Hollywood stars Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid stepping out for a delightful dinner, accompanied by none other than Bradley’s mother, Gloria Campano. The trio made a stylish entrance in Los Angeles, turning heads with their coordinated all-black ensembles.

Chic Trio’s Night Out

As the city lights illuminated the night, Bradley Cooper, Gigi Hadid, and Gloria Campano stepped into a black SUV, setting the scene for a night of elegance and camaraderie. The pictures captured the trio’s fashionable statement, each donning sophisticated all-black attire. Bradley, the epitome of classic charm, wore a dapper black tuxedo, while Gloria Campano radiated grace in an elegant black gown paired with a fur jacket. Gigi Hadid, ever the fashion icon, exuded elegance in her chic all-black dress.

Golden Globes Recognition

The night was particularly special for Bradley Cooper, who received nominations for two awards at the Golden Globes for his film “Maestro.” Directed by Cooper himself, the movie delves into the tumultuous relationship between American conductor Leonard Bernstein and actress Felicia Montealegre, bringing their captivating story to life. The film boasts a star-studded cast, including Carey Mulligan, Matt Boomer, Maya Hawke, and Sarah Silverman.

Gigi and Bradley’s Relationship History

For those catching up on Hollywood’s love affairs, Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper have been in the spotlight for their rumored romance. Notably, Gigi was linked with Leonardo DiCaprio before, but the spark fizzled out. On the other hand, Bradley Cooper has a colorful relationship history. From a short-lived marriage with Jennifer Esposito to dating stars like Zoe Saldaña, Suki Waterhouse, and Irina Shayk, his journey has been both fascinating and public.

Gigi and Zayn Malik’s Past

Gigi’s romantic history includes a previous relationship with singer Zayn Malik, with whom she shares a daughter named Khai. Bradley, on the other hand, was once married and divorced, dated several high-profile personalities, and shares a daughter named Lea de Seine with ex-partner Irina Shayk.

A Night to Remember

As the cameras flashed and the city buzzed, Bradley Cooper, Gigi Hadid, and Gloria Campano created a memorable post-Golden Globes night out. Hollywood’s glamour was on full display, leaving fans eager for more glimpses into the lives of these intriguing stars.


Who accompanied Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid for dinner after the Golden Globes?

Bradley’s mother, Gloria Campano, joined the stylish duo for the night out.

What did Bradley Cooper wear for the dinner date?

Bradley sported a classic black tuxedo, showcasing timeless charm.

What film earned Bradley Cooper nominations at the Golden Globes?

“Maestro,” directed by Bradley Cooper, garnered him two nominations at the prestigious awards.

Who was Gigi Hadid previously linked with before Bradley Cooper?

Gigi was previously linked with Leonardo DiCaprio.

What is Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper’s relationship history?

Gigi had a past relationship with Zayn Malik, while Bradley has a colorful dating history, including a marriage and relationships with Zoe Saldaña, Suki Waterhouse, and Irina Shayk.

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