Jo Se Ho Confirms Relationship and Marriage Plans

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Jo Se Ho Confirms Relationship and Marriage Plans

In a heartwarming revelation, Jo Se Ho, the talented entertainer known for his comedic prowess, has officially confirmed his relationship and exciting plans for marriage with his non-celebrity girlfriend. The joyous news was shared by a representative from A2Z Entertainment, Jo Se Ho’s agency, confirming the blossoming romance.

Beautiful Relationship

According to the statement given to, Jo Se Ho and his girlfriend are not only deeply in love but are also approaching their relationship with a sincere intention to build a life together. The couple, brought together by shared interests, particularly in fashion, has been fostering their connection for approximately a year.

From Dating to Wedding Plans

What sets this love story apart is the couple’s decision to take the next big step. Jo Se Ho and his girlfriend have recently made the heartfelt choice to tie the knot, a testament to the strength of their love and mutual trust. The duo is currently immersed in preparations for their upcoming wedding, scheduled to take place within the year.

Comedian Turned TV Star

As fans celebrate Jo Se Ho’s personal milestones, it’s worth noting that the entertainer, who kickstarted his career as a comedian through the 6th public recruitment of SBS, continues to charm audiences on the small screen. He is presently gracing the screens in tvN’s popular show, ‘You Quiz on the Block.’

In the midst of laughter and entertainment, Jo Se Ho’s journey towards marriage adds a touch of warmth to his public persona. Fans eagerly anticipate the unfolding chapters of his love story and the joyous occasion of his wedding.


Who is Jo Se Ho’s girlfriend?

Jo Se Ho’s girlfriend is a non-celebrity woman, nine years his junior, with shared interests in fashion.

How long have Jo Se Ho and his girlfriend been in a relationship?

They have been nurturing their beautiful relationship for approximately a year.

Are Jo Se Ho and his girlfriend planning to get married?

Yes, the couple has decided to marry and is currently preparing for their wedding within the year.

In which TV show is Jo Se Ho currently appearing?

Jo Se Ho is presently featured in tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block.’

What is the exact wedding date for Jo Se Ho and his girlfriend?

The exact wedding date has not been set yet, but the couple plans to get married within the year.

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