“Mary Weiss” Lead Singer of Shangri-Las Passes Away at 75

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"Mary Weiss" Lead Singer of Shangri-Las Passes Away at 75

Her passing was confirmed by Miriam Linna of Norton Records, the label that released Mary’s solo album, Dangerous Game, in 2007. Described as an icon and heroine by Linna, Mary Weiss played a pivotal role, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

Tributes Pour In

Ronnie Spector’s Instagram, co-founder of the Ronettes, shared a poignant tribute to Mary. The post highlighted their kinship as fearless bad girls of the ’60s. Pop singer Sky Ferreira also expressed that Mary Weiss would forever be an inspiration.

Shangri-Las Journey

Growing up in Queens, Mary, along with her sister Elizabeth “Betty” Weiss and twins Marguerite “Marge” Ganser and Mary Ann Ganser, formed the quartet known as the Shangri-Las. Their teen tragedies, like “Leader of the Pack,” captured the essence of the early-Sixties and earned them a Number One hit.

Rise and Fall

In a 2007 interview with Rolling Stone, Mary reflected on the group’s disbandment in 1968, citing legal complications that shifted the focus from music to litigation. Despite facing a decade-long hiatus due to unfavorable contracts, Mary made a triumphant return to the studio in 2007.

Beyond Music

After the Shangri-Las, Mary moved to San Francisco but later returned to New York, finding a new chapter in her life working at an architecture firm specializing in commercial interiors. Her resilience and passion for music led to a chance encounter that resulted in her final solo album.

Lasting Legacy

Mary Weiss’s impact on the music industry and her role in the Shangri-Las’ success are immortalized. Her journey, from the heights of ’60s fame to a triumphant return, remains a testament to her enduring spirit.


What is Mary Weiss’s legacy in the music industry?

Mary Weiss is celebrated as an icon and heroine, leaving an indelible mark on generations.

How did Ronnie Spector pay tribute to Mary Weiss?

Ronnie Spector, on Instagram, celebrated their kinship as fearless bad girls of the ’60s.

Which song made the Shangri-Las a Number One hit?

“Leader of the Pack,” released in 1964, became a Number One hit for the Shangri-Las.

What led to the Shangri-Las’ disbandment in 1968?

Legal complications shifted the focus from music to litigation, prompting the group’s disbandment.

When did Mary Weiss make a comeback to the studio?

Mary Weiss made a triumphant return in 2007 with her solo album, Dangerous Game.

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