Famous Gaming YouTuber MatPat Announces His Retirement

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MatPat Retirement

Gaming YouTuber MatPat, also known as Matthew Patrick, recently revealed that he’s retiring from his YouTube channel. This decision marks the end of his 12-year journey as a prominent online figure in gaming and fan culture.

In an emotional video titled “Goodbye Internet,” MatPat shared that March 9, 2024, will be his final day hosting “Game Theorists,” his well-known YouTube series focused on video game stories and discussions.

MatPat started his YouTube journey in 2011 and, together with his wife Stephanie, created “Game Theorists” as a hub for discussing various internet theories about popular video games. The channel has significantly grown since its first video, evolving into a YouTube powerhouse with spinoffs, 17.7 million subscribers on the main channel, and hundreds of millions of views monthly.

In 2023, MatPat was the host for the Streamy Awards, celebrating online achievements. The Streamys are produced by Dick Clark Productions, part of Rolling Stone’s parent company, PMC. Before the live show, where he received acclaim for his hosting skills, MatPat expressed his excitement to Rolling Stone about celebrating the creator economy’s impressive legacy.

On Tuesday, MatPat expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work on the channel and reflected on the journey with his fans. He described their shared evolution from “elder brother” to “YouTube dad,” and now a “YouTube grandfather,” who’s ready to enjoy retirement in Florida.

However, fans don’t need to feel sad just yet. There are still nine episodes of “Game Theorists” left, which MatPat promises will be packed with in-depth discussions on all things gaming.

He previously mentioned to Rolling Stone the significance of having a long-standing presence on the platform. MatPat highlighted that they’ve reached a point where they can impact multiple generations of online viewers. One of their key goals has always been to encourage and support the next wave of creators to take over the platform and bring fresh, exciting ideas to it.

  • Who is MatPat?

    MatPat, whose real name is Matthew Patrick, is a well-known gaming YouTuber recognized for his channel “Game Theorists,” where he explores and discusses theories about popular video games.

  • Why did MatPat announce his retirement from YouTube?

    MatPat announced his retirement from YouTube to mark the end of his over a decade-long journey as a key influencer in the online gaming and fan culture community. He expressed his desire to move on to the next chapter of his life.

  • What is ‘Game Theorists’?

    “Game Theorists” is a popular YouTube series created by MatPat. It focuses on delving into and discussing various theories surrounding video games, their lore, and in-game mechanics.

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