Maya Erskine and Michael Angarano: A Love Story in Hollywood

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Maya Erskine and Michael Angarano: A Love Story in Hollywood

Since making their relationship public in 2019, Maya Erskine and Michael Angarano have captivated fans with their journey of love and partnership. From romantic milestones to professional collaborations, let’s delve into the enchanting tale of these two talented actors.

Blossoming Romance

The world got a glimpse of Erskine and Angarano’s budding romance during the 2019 Emmy Awards, where Angarano affectionately shared a selfie of the couple seated together. This endearing moment marked the beginning of a relationship that would soon capture the hearts of many.

Public Declarations of Love

Taking to social media, Erskine and Angarano went Instagram official, sharing heartfelt tributes to each other that melted the hearts of their followers. Their appearances at award show parties and events further solidified their bond, painting a picture of a couple deeply in love and supportive of each other’s endeavors.

From Co-Stars to Co-Creators

The duo’s professional collaboration reached new heights when Angarano made a guest appearance on Erskine’s acclaimed series, PEN15. Their on-screen chemistry translated seamlessly as they shared the screen, adding another dimension to their relationship both on and off-camera.

Joyous Announcement

In a joyous twist, Erskine and Angarano announced their engagement and impending parenthood in November 2020. The news was met with widespread excitement as fans eagerly awaited the arrival of their bundle of joy.

Welcoming Baby Leon

In May 2021, the couple’s joy knew no bounds as they welcomed their first child, Leon Frederick, into the world. Celebrating this milestone, friends and colleagues showered them with well-wishes, praising Erskine for her strength and Angarano for his unwavering support.

Shared Passion for Acting

Their love for the craft extends beyond the screen, with both Erskine and Angarano continuing to pursue their acting careers while navigating parenthood. Their dedication to their craft and each other serves as a testament to the power of love and partnership.

Promising Future

As they embark on new projects together, including the upcoming film “Sacremento,” Erskine and Angarano’s journey is far from over. With a bond forged in love and creativity, the future holds endless possibilities for this dynamic duo.


When did Maya Erskine and Michael Angarano go public with their relationship?

They went public in 2019 during the Emmy Awards.

Are Maya Erskine and Michael Angarano married?

Yes, they privately tied the knot, with Erskine referring to Angarano as her husband in recent interviews.

Did Maya Erskine and Michael Angarano work together professionally?

Yes, they shared the screen on Erskine’s series PEN15, showcasing their on-screen chemistry.

When did Maya Erskine and Michael Angarano welcome their first child?

They welcomed their son, Leon Frederick, in May 2021.

What upcoming project are Maya Erskine and Michael Angarano starring in together?

They are set to star in the film “Sacremento,” showcasing their talents both in front of and behind the camera.

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